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Sydney Accountants and Advisors

Hello and welcome to Boss Wealth Group! The firm was founded in 2016. The firm initially started as an accounting, business advisory and tax consulting firm. However, as time progressed and our involvement with clients increased, we identified our services would need to grow to assist our clients. Our expansion into the lending space was a natural response to the demands of our clients.

About Boss Wealth Group

Our goal at Boss Wealth Group is to help you reach yours. We are passionate about improving the lives of our clients, especially by increasing their wealth.

Keep more money in your pocket

There are so many ways we can help increase your wealth from tax and business structuring to lending.

Business advice that makes a difference

We’ll be the first to admit that there are many good accountants, but a great business and financial consultant isn’t as easy to find. You will reap the rewards of working with an advisor who understands your business inside out and can help you move the needle forward.

Tax made simple

We know that tax can be the stuff of nightmares for many people. Boss Wealth Group is here to make it simple. We offer thorough tax planning so you can save more money and prepare for the future.

Secure funding

One of the key ways we help our clients is by helping them obtain finance. Whether it’s finance for a property, motor vehicle, machinery, construction project or short-term lending we’ll help you get the finance you need.

Save time

Ultimately, our services are about saving you time. We know you didn’t go into business to worry about your accounts or because you just love bookkeeping! Let us handle it for you.

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