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Supporting Growth & Innovation

Businesses seeking to access government grants including Research & Development Tax Incentive and the Export Market Development Grant.

Grants and Tax Incentives

Here at Boss Wealth Group, we do more than just standard accounting and tax. If you’d like some assistance in accessing extra support via tax incentives and grants, we can help.

Our experienced team loves to help businesses grow and develop and have a particular knack in the R&D incentives and grants space.

Research & Development Tax Incentive

The R&D Tax Incentive offers Australian companies a refundable tax offset of up to 43.5% for eligible research and development expenditure. If your business is making investments in order to innovate, you may be able to access support from the government.

No matter your industry, you may be eligible for a tax benefit, if your business invests in developing new products, processes or services. You can apply and potentially offset the funds you’ve invested. These funds can be a gamechanger and we’ll give you the best chance possible of being approved.

Our team will help you:

  • Determine your eligibility
  • Register for the R&D Tax Incentive Program
  • Maintain the necessary records to document your R&D activities
  • Complete and lodge your R&D Tax Schedule

Export Market Development Grants

The Export Market Development Grants Scheme is a financial assistance program of the Australian Government. The aim is to provide financial support to Australian businesses as they develop export markets for their goods or services. Boss Wealth Group can help you determine your eligibility, and assist you in all stages of your application.

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